Karcher K2 Series Pressure Washer Hand Gun 2.641-959.0

Price: £23.99

Product Details

Brand :


Compatible Brand :

For Kärcher

Compatible Product :

Cold Water Pressure Washer



Power Source :

Corded Electric

Unit Type :


Unit Quantity :


Modified Item :


Custom Bundle :


Colour :


Horsepower :

7 HP

Voltage :

230 V

Number in Pack :


Material :


Power :

1500 W

What the Seller Says

--> OUR EBAY STORE ABOUT US OUR FEEDBACK ADD US CONTACT US Karcher K2 Pressure Washer Gun 2.641-959.0 Free Shipping Royal Mail / Hermes Next Day Delivery Options Available 60 Days Returns on Fixed Price Listings Price £23.99 (incl VAT.) Product Description Payment Delivery Returns Product Description Genuine Karcher K2 Compact, K2 Home, K2 Compact Home, K2 Premium Home and the K2 Compact Car & Home pressure washer gun The Karcher pressure washer gun is a replacement trigger gun for Kärcher’s K2 pressure washers where the hose is secured with a clip or clamp and comes with a bayonet fitting. THiS TRIGGER GUN DOES NOT HAVE THE QUICK CONNECTION ADAPTOR. Karcher pressure washers can help make short work of a wide range of cleaning tasks, saving you time while delivering great results. From tough jobs like cleaning stonework, walls and wooden decking to garden furniture and more delicate surfaces like car exteriors, using a high quality pressure washer can make the dirtiest jobs easy. A trigger gun attachment is a convenient way to use your pressure washer, giving you complete control of the task at hand. If your old trigger gun has started to leak, been lost or damaged, or you’re simply looking to upgrade to a new Kärcher pressure washer gun, then this is the ideal replacement. The replacement pressure washer gun is suitable for all pressure washers where the hose is secured to the gun with a clip or clamp. The replacement gun is also supplied with a new replacement clip. Compares to 2.641-959.0, 26419590 Fits the Following Models KARCHER JTK 38 K JTK 28 K1.10 K1.10 TV K1.100 K1.100 (127V) K1.100 (220V) K1.100 ALA K1.22H K101-WB-TV K110B K111A K112H K1300 Plus K1350 Plus WB K140 K1400-4F-TR K1400-4F-WB K2 K2 Balcony K2 Basic K2 Basic Car K2 Basic OJ K2 Basic Plus K2 Basic Promo K2 Car K2 Car & Home T150 K2 Car & Home T50 K2 CCK K2 CHK K2 Classic K2 Classic Car K2 Classic Plus Car K2 Compact K2 Compact & Home T150 K2 Compact Car K2 Compact Car & Home K2 Compact Car & Home T50 K2 Compact Car Home & Pipe K2 Compact Dakar 127V K2 Compact Dakar 220V K2 Compact FJ Metro 2014 K2 Compact Home K2 Compact Home T50 K2 Compact Plus Home K2 Compact VPS Plus K2 Compact Water Supply Kit K2 Ergo K2 Full Control K2 Full Control Car K2 Full Control Car & Home K2 Full Control Home K2 Home K2 Home & Brush K2 Home T50 K2 Home Telescopic Plus K2 Home WB K2 Plus K2 Plus Home K2 Premium K2 Premium Car K2 Premium Car & Home K2 Premium Car & Home T50 K2 Premium Full Control Car & Home K2 Premium Home K2 Premium Home & Pipe Cleaning K2 Premium Home T50 K2 Premium telescopic K2 Promo K2 Soccer Promotion K2 Telescopic K2 Telescopic Plus K2.00 K2.00 Plus K2.00 Plus MX K2.00M Plus K2.00M Plus 2F K2.00MB Plus 2F K2.01 K2.01 Plus K2.01 TV K2.010 K2.010 T100 K2.012 Plus K2.014 Plus K2.015 Plus K2.02 Plus K2.02 Plus RWB K2.02 Plus WB K2.020 K2.021 K2.023 K2.025 K2.03 Plus K2.03 Plus T50 K2.030 K2.03M Plus K2.04 Plus K2.04 WB K2.040M-PL T50 K2.050 K2.06 Plus K2.07 K2.070 K2.07M K2.08 D-PL-WB K2.08 Plus K2.080 K2.08D K2.08D Plus K2.08M T50 K2.09 Plus K2.090 K2.09M Plus K2.09M Plus 2F K2.09M Plus WB K2.100 K2.100 Dakar K2.100 Dakar 2012 220V K2.100 Dakar Export K2.100 T50 K2.105 K2.110 K2.110M Plus VPS K2.120 K2.120 T50 K2.122 K2.125 T50 K2.129 T50 K2.13 K2.130 K2.130 T50 K2.14 K2.14 Plus K2.14 Plus T50 K2.14 Plus WB K2.14 WB K2.140 T50 K2.15 K2.15 Deluxe K2.15 Plus K2.15 Plus WB K2.15 Plus WB RR K2.150 K2.150 Deluxe K2.155 K2.16 K2.16 Plus K2.16 WB K2.160 K2.160 Plus K2.17 EPC K2.17 Plus K2.180 K2.185 Plus K2.18M K2.18M Plus T50 K2.19 K2.19 Car Care Kit K2.19 TV K2.190 K2.195 K2.20 Follow Me Dakar K2.200 K2.200 127V K2.200 220V K2.200 Balcony K2.200 Balcony Compact Reel K2.200 Balcony WB K2.20M K2.20M Plus K2.20M Plus PS30 K2.20M Plus T50 K2.20M Plus T50 Clean Pack K2.20M T50 K2.20M T50 WB K2.21 K2.21 Plus K2.21 Plus T50 K2.21 TV K2.21M K2.21M Car Kit K2.21M Plus K2.21M Plus T50 K2.21M T50 K2.220 Balcony Tchibo K2.240 K2.25 K2.25 Jubileumeur K2.25 Plus K2.250 K2.255 K2.255 WB K2.25M K2.26 K2.26 T50 K2.260 T50 K2.26M K2.26M Plus K2.26M T150 K2.26M T50 K2.26M T50 TV K2.27 K2.27CCK K2.27M K2.28 K2.29 K2.29M 120V K2.29M 220V K2.29M Plus WB K2.30 Plus K2.300 K2.300 T50 K2.300 T50 WB K2.300PL-RWBR K2.30D Plus K2.30MD Plus K2.310 T50 K2.311 K2.311 T50 K2.315 K2.31M Plus K2.325 K2.325 T50 K2.325 T50 Celebration K2.32M Plus T50 K2.330 T50 K2.335 T50 K2.35 2F K2.35 VPS K2.350 K2.350 Plus K2.350 T50 K2.35D Plus K2.35DB Plus K2.360 K2.360 DIR K2.360 Promo K2.360 Promo Export 220V K2.360 T50 K2.360 T50 DIR K2.360M Deluxe K2.36M K2.36M Plus K2.36M Plus T50 K2.370 K2.38 K2.38 M K2.38 M Plus K2.38.M Plus T50 K2.385 WB K2.38D Plus K2.38M QC K2.38M T50 K2.390 T50 K2.395 K2.39M Plus WB K2.39M Plus WB T50 K2.40 M Plus WB K2.40 Plus K2.400 K2.400 T50 K2.40D Plus K2.40D Plus VPS K2.40D Plus WB TV K2.40MD Plus K2.40MD-PL-VPS K2.410 K2.410 T50 K2.420 Air Con K2.425 K2.425 KTM K2.425 T50 K2.430 T50 K2.45 Plus VPS K2.45D Plus WB K2.460M Plus K2.460M Plus T50 K2.46MD Plus WB K2.490 T50 K2.50D Plus K2.50M Plus K2.50M Plus WB K2.54M K2.54M EPC K2.54M KTM K2.54M Plus K2.54M Plus T50 K2.54M Plus Tab K2.54M Plus WB K2.55 K2.55 TV K2.56 Deluxe K2.56 T50 K2.56M K2.57 TV K2.58M K2.58M TV K2.59M K2.59M EPC TV K2.59M Plus K2.59M Plus VPS K2.59M Plus VPS T50 K2.59M Plus WB K2.59M Plus WB T50 K2.60M Plus K2.63M K2.65M Deluxe K2.65M Plus WB T50 K2.68M K2.68M Plus WB K2.7 K2.70 K2.70 Rope Version K2.75 K2.75 Plus WB K2.75 Soccer K2.75M K2.75M Plus K2.75M Plus VPS K2.75M Plus WB T50 K2.75M Plus WB VPS K2.75PL-WB K2.75PL-WB-1F K2.75PL-WB-1FCA K2.79 K2.79 EK K2.79 Plus-WB K2.800 Ecologic K2.80M Plus RWB K2.85MD-PL-RWB K2.87 Plus K2.87 Plus HB K2.87M K2.87M Plus K2.87M Plus WB K2.87MD Plus K2.87MD Plus WB K2.88M K2.89D Plus K2.89M K2.89M Plus K2.89MD Plus K2.89MD Plus HB K2.89MD Plus WB K2.89MD-PL QVC K2.89MD-PL-WB K2.90 K2.900 K2.900 TV K2.900M K2.900M Plus K2.900M Plus T50 K2.900M Plus T80 K2.904 Plus K2.90M K2.90M Plus K2.90M Plus WB K2.91M K2.91MD Plus K2.91MD Plus T50 K2.91MD Plus WB K2.91MD T50 K2.93 Plus K2.94MD K2.94MD Deluxe K2.94MD T50 K2.950 K2.960M Plus K2.960M Plus T50 K2.97 MB-PL K2.97 Plus K2.97M Plus K2.97M-4F-WB K2.97MD Plus K2.97MD-PL T100 K2.97M-PL T100 K2.97M-PL-2F-WB K2.97M-PL-RWB-VP K2.97M-PL-TRG K2.97M-PL-TR-TV K2.97M-PL-WB K2.97M-VPS-PL-WB K2.980M Plus K2.980M Plus T80 K2.980M Plus T80 RR K2.980M Plus WB K2.98M Plus K2.98M Plus T50 K2.99 Plus K2.99M Plus K2.99M Plus WB K2.99M-4F-RWB K2.99M-4F-RWB ABG K2.99MD Plus K2.99MH-PL-WB K2.99M-PL K2.99M-PL T50 K2.99M-PL-RWB K2.99M-PL-VPS K2.99M-PL-WB K2.99M-PL-WB-TR K2.XX-PL-RWB K200 Plus 99 K2000 Plus K2000G K2000GM K200M Plus R K200M-4F-RWB-C K200M-PL-RWB K200M-PL-RWB WBFR K200M-PL-WB TV K201 Plus GF K201 Plus N K201 Plus NR K201 Plus NS K201 Plus WB K202 K202 Plus N K202M-PL-RWB K204M Plus WB K205 Plus K205 Plus ND K205 Plus NR K205 Plus VPS K205 Plus WB K205B Plus K205M Plus K205M Plus - TV K205M Plus 1.6KW K205M Plus GF K205M Plus N K205M Plus N.D K205M Plus NR K205M Plus RWB K205M Seats & Sofas K205M-PL-FR K205M-PLM.O K205M-PL-RWB K205M-PL-VPSR K208-PL-WBR K210 Plus K210 Plus GF K210 Plus N K210 Plus Skandi K210 Plus WB K210 Plus WBR K215 Plus NR K21J K2200G K2200IB K2200MTD K220H K220R K230D-PL-RWB K235M-TA K240 K240 Plus WBR K240M Plus K240M-PL-RWB K240M-PL-RWBR K2500 Plus K2500 Plus NR K254MR Plus K260B Plus K260M K260M Plus WB K260M-PL-WB K270 AirCo K270 Display K270 TV K270M K280M K2900M Deluxe K294MDB Plus K299M-4F-WB K29XM K3 K3 Car K3 Car Dakar K3 Car EID-Bundle K3 Compact K3 Deck K3 Home K3 Home & Pipe K3 Home T150 K3 Home T350 K3 Home T50 K3 Premium K3 Premium Home K3 Premium Home & Car K3 Premium Home T150 K3 Premium Home T350 K3 Premium Water Supply Kit K3 Silent K3 Silent Veranda K3 Sport K3 Stairs K3.00 Eco Silent K3.000 K3.00B-TV K3.08 MD K3.130 T50 K3.140 K3.150 K3.150 T250 K3.150 T250 RR K3.150 T50 K3.155 K3.160 K3.170 T150 K3.180 T50B K3.190 K3.190 T250 K3.200 K3.200 T250 K3.20M K3.20M Plus T200 K3.20M Plus T250 K3.350 K3.350 Dir K3.350 QC K3.390 K3.440 K3.450 K3.450 T250 K3.450 T250 CCK TV K3.460 K3.47M Plus K3.48 K3.480 K3.480.T250 K3.48M Plus K3.490 K3.495.T250 K3.49M.Plus K3.500 K3.500 Car Kit K3.500 DR150 K3.500 Garden K3.500 RWB K3.500 T250 K3.500 T50 K3.510 T250 RWB K3.530 T250 K3.540 K3.550 K3.550 DR K3.550 T250 K3.570 T250 K3.575 T250 Jubilee K3.58M Plus K3.600 K3.60MD Plus T300 VFB K3.610 T250 K3.65 K3.65 Jubilee K3.65 T250 K3.65MD K3.65MD Plus K3.65MD Plus T250 K3.66MD Plus RWB K3.67M K3.67MD Plus K3.68 MDD K3.68M Plus K3.68M Plus WB K3.68MD Plus K3.68MD Plus VPS K3.68MD Plus VPS 2000.PSI K3.68MD Soccer Bundle K3.68MS Plus K3.690 K3.695 K3.69M K3.70 K3.70 Plus K3.700 K3.70B TV K3.70M K3.70M Plus K3.70M WB K3.740 K3.75 MD K3.75 MD T250 K3.75M Plus K3.75M Plus WB K3.77M T250 K3.78M Plus K3.79M Plus K3.79MD Plus K3.80 K3.80 MD K3.80 MD Garden K3.80 MD Plus K3.80 MD Plus Celebration K3.80 MD Plus T250 RR K3.80 MD T200 K3.80 MD T250 K3.80 MD WB K3.80 Plus K3.800 Ecologic K3.80M K3.80M Plus K3.80M-PL-RWB K3.81M Plus K3.82 MD Plus VPS T250 K3.84M Plus K3.85M-PL-WB K3.86 K3.86M K3.86M Plus K3.86MD Plus K3.87M K3.88.MD Plus K3.89M Plus 2F K3.90 K3.90 GF K3.900M Plus K3.900M Plus T250 K3.900M Plus T250 RWB K3.900MD Plus K3.900MD Plus T250 RWB K3.90M K3.90M Plus K3.90M Plus RWB K3.90M-PL K3.90M-PL-RWB K3.91 MD WRC K3.91.MD Plus RWB T100 K3.91M K3.91MD K3.91MD Plus K3.91MD Plus RWB K3.91MD Plus T250 K3.91MD Plus WRC K3.92M K3.92M Plus K3.93M Plus K3.95MD Plus K3.960M Plus K3.960M Plus T200 K3.960M Plus T250 K3.960M-F1 K3.96M K3.96M Plus K3.97M K3.97M DeLuxe K3.97M Fifa K3.97M Plus K3.97M-4F K3.97M-4F-WB K3.97MB-PL-WB K3.97MD Plus K3.97MD-4F-WB K3.97M-F K3.97M-F1 K3.97M-PL K3.97M-PL-F1 K3.97M-PL-WB K3.97M-PL-WB-F K3.980M-RWB K3.98M Plus K3.98M Plus T200 K3.98M Plus WB K3.98MD-4F K3.990M Plus K3.99M K3.99M Plus K3.99M Plus T250 K3.99M Plus WB K3.99M Special K3.99M-4F-RWB K3.99MD Plus K3.99MD-PL K3.99MD-PL (HB) K3.99MD-PL-RWB K3.99MD-PL-WB K3.99M-F K3.99M-PL T200 K3.99M-PL-TR K300 K300 Plus K300 TV K300B K300B Plus K300M K300M Plus K300M Plus TV K300M-P-Hornbach K300M-PL-Hornbach K301B TV K302 K302 Plus K302RWB K305 Plus K310 K310 Plus K310 TV K320H K330 K330M K330M Plus VPS K330M Plus WB K330MH K330M-PL-WB K332 K332 Super K340 VPS K3500M-PL-VP-RWB K350M Plus K350M Plus RWB K350M-PL-VPS K355M Plus K360 K360 Plus K360M K360M Plus K360M Plus WB K360M-PL-WB K365 Plus K36DM K3770M Plus K380M-PL-VPS K385M-PL-WB-VPS K389M Plus K390M-PL-WB K390M-PL-WB-VPS K395.M Plus K395M-PL-RWB-VP K399M-PL-RWB-VP K4 K4 Basic K4 Basic BC K4 Basic Car K4 Basic Ecologic Home K4 Basic Home K4 BC K4 Car K4 Car & Home T250 K4 Classic K4 Compact K4 Compact Car K4 Compact Home K4 Compact Home T250 K4 Compact Home Wood T250 K4 Ecologic K4 FC Premium K4 Full Control K4 Full Control BC K4 Full Control Car K4 Full Control Car & Home K4 Full Control Car & Home Splash G K4 Full Control Car & Stairs K4 Full Control Home K4 Full Control Home & Pipe K4 Full Control Home Wood K4 Home K4 Home T250 K4 Home Wood T250 K4 My Karcher K4 Premium K4 Premium Car K4 Premium Car & Home T250 K4 Premium Car & Home Wood K4 Premium Ecologic K4 Premium Ecologic Home K4 Premium Ecologic Home T250 K4 Premium FC Car & Home K4 Premium Full Control K4 Premium Full Control Car & Home K4 Premium Full Control Home K4 Premium Full Control Home Wood K4 Premium Home K4 Premium Home Dankeschon Edition K4 Premium Home Wood T250 K4 Silent K4 Silent Edition K4 Silent Edition Home K4 Silent Edition Home Wood K4 Silent Home K4.00 K4.00 Eco Silent K4.00 Eco Silent 127V K4.00 Eco Silent 220V K4.00 Eco Silent ALU K4.130 K4.150 K4.200 K4.200 T250 K4.20M Plus T250 K4.25 Anniversary K4.40M-WB K4.44 K4.44 T250 K4.450 K4.500 K4.500 T250 K4.500M-PL-WALZ K4.50MD-PL-RWB K4.600 K4.600 RWB K4.600 T250 K4.600EU K4.60M-PL VPS K4.620 T250 K4.640 K4.650 K4.650 Jubilee Alu K4.650 Jubilee T250 K4.650 KTM Special Edition K4.68MD ALU K4.68MD Plus K4.70 K4.700 K4.70M K4.70M Plus K4.70M Plus WB K4.75 K4.75M Plus K4.80 K4.80 MD T250 K4.800 Ecologic K4.80M K4.80M Plus K4.80MD K4.80MD ALU K4.80MD ALU EPC K4.80MD EPC K4.80MD Plus T 250 K4.80M-PL-TRG K4.80M-WB K4.82MD T250 K4.84MD Plus K4.85MD ALU K4.86M K4.86MD K4.86M-PL-WBQ-V K4.87 MD Plus K4.88M-PL T200 K4.89M-4F-RWB K4.90 K4.900 K4.900M Plus T300 K4.900M T300 K4.90M K4.90M -GF K4.90M Plus K4.90M Plus RWB K4.90M Plus WB K4.90M-4F-RWB K4.90M-PL K4.90M-PL-RWB K4.90M-PL-WB-RM K4.91M K4.91MD Plus K4.91MD Plus T200 K4.91MD Plus T250 K4.91MD T200 K4.91MD T300 K4.92M Plus K4.93MD K4.94M Plus K4.95M-PL-RWB K4.960M K4.960M T300 K4.96M Plus K4.96M-PL-RWB K4.97M K4.97M Plus K4.97M Plus RWB K4.97M-4F-RWB K4.97MD Plus WB K4.98M K4.98M Plus K4.98MD Plus K4.98MD-PL-ALU K4.98M-PL T300 K4.98M-PL-SV K4.98M-PL-WB-AL K4.990MD Plus T250 K4.990MD-PL-RWB K4.99M K4.99M AGB K4.99M Deluxe K4.99M Plus K4.99M Plus TR K4.99M-4F-TR K4.99MD-PL-RWB K4.99MD-RWB-RR K4.99MH-WB K4.99M-PL-WB AM K400 WB K4000G K4000GS K4000MD Plus K401 Plus K402 K405 K410 K410-0 K410-M K411A K411A Plus K415 K420MH K430M Plus VPS K432M Super K440M K440M Plus RWB K444M Plus EXKL K445M Plus WB K445M-WB K450M K450M Plus Flex K455M Plus WB K460 Plus K460M K460M Plus K460M-WB K465M-PL-RWB-GS K470M Plus RWB K470M-PL Flex-WB K470M-PL-WB K475M Plus RWB K480MB K480M-PL-RWB K480M-PL-VPS K485M Plus RWB K4900M-PL-RWB K490M Plus WALZ K490M-PL-Flex K490M-PL-F-S K495M Plus RWB K495M-4F-RWB K499M-PL-RWB-TR K5 K5 Basic K5 Basic FJ K5 Car K5 Car & Home K5 Car & Home T250 K5 Compact K5 Compact Car K5 Compact Car & Home T250 K5 Compact Dakar K5 Compact Home K5 Compact Home T250 K5 Deck & Car K5 FC K5 FC Premium K5 Full Control K5 Full Control Car & Home K5 Full Control Flex K5 Full Control Flex Home Wood K5 Full Control Home K5 Full Control Home Wood K5 Home Dankeschon Edition K5 Home T250 K5 Home Wood T250 K5 Premium K5 Premium Car K5 Premium Ecologic K5 Premium Ecologic Home K5 Premium Ecologic Home T250 K5 Premium Ecologic T250 K5 Premium Full Control K5 Premium Full Control Car & Home K5 Premium Full Control Home K5 Premium Full Control Home Wood K5 Premium Full Control Plus K5 Premium Full Control Plus Home K5 Premium Home K5 Premium Home + Car Deluxe K5 Premium Home T250 K5 Premium Home Wood T250 K5 Premium Offroad K5 Premium Silent Car & Home K5 UM K5.000M K5.000M Plus K5.000M-PL-WB K5.04M Plus K5.04M-PL-ALU K5.04M-PL-WB-AL K5.05M Plus RWB K5.05M-PL-RWB-TR K5.100M T100 K5.100MD Plus K5.140M Deluxe K5.200 K5.200 Silver K5.200 T250 WB K5.200 T400 K5.2012 + Fussball Fanscarf K5.20M K5.20M Deluxe K5.20M Export K5.20M PL T250 K5.20M Plus K5.20M Plus BL K5.20M Plus RWB K5.20M Plus WB T300 K5.20M Plus-RR K5.20M T250 Black Edition K5.20V Plus RWB K5.210 K5.35M Plus RWB K5.450 K5.480 K5.490 K5.500 K5.50M K5.50M Plus K5.50MH K5.50M-PL-RWB K5.50MS Plus RWB K5.50MS-PL-RWB K5.50M-VP-4F-WB K5.51M Plus WB K5.520 K5.520 T250 K5.520 T400 K5.52M K5.530 T400 Special Edition K5.540 K5.55 Jubilee K5.55 Jubilee Plus T400 K5.55M K5.55M PL RWB T250 K5.55M Plus T100 K5.585 K5.600 K5.600 T200 K5.600 T250 K5.60M Plus K5.60M Plus T300 K5.610 K5.610 T250 K5.630 T250 K5.640 K5.640 T250 K5.65 K5.650 K5.650 Celebration K5.65QC K5.660 T400 K5.670 K5.675 Football Edition K5.675 Sochi K5.68 K5.68 MD Plus T250 K5.680 K5.68MD K5.68MD Plus K5.68MD Plus RWB K5.690 K5.690 PS40 K5.700 K5.700 T250 K5.700 T300 K5.700 T400 K5.700WB K5.70MD K5.70MD Plus K5.70MD Plus T300 K5.70MD T250 K5.720 K5.740 K5.75 Jubilee Plus DR RR K5.79MD T250 K5.800 Ecologic K5.800 Ecologic T300 K5.80M K5.80M Plus K5.80M Plus T250 K5.80M-4F K5.80M-PL-WB K5.80M-WB K5.85M K5.85M Plus K5.85M Plus WB K5.85M-WB K5.86M K5.86M Plus K5.86MD K5.86MD Plus T200 HC 60 K5.86MD T200 HC60 K5.86M-PL-RWB K5.87M K5.87M Plus K5.900 K5.91M K5.91MD Plus K5.91MD Plus SWB K5.91MD T250 K5.93M K5.93M Plus K5.93M Plus VPS K5.96 Plus M K5000G K5000M Plus OBI K502M K502M Plus K502M Plus WB K502M-4F-WB K502MS K502MS Plus K502MS Plus RWB K502MS Plus SB K502MS-DI K502M-WB K503M Plus WB K510 K510 Jubilee K510 Plus K510C K520M DI Plus K520MB Plus K520MH-WB K520M-RWB K530M K550M Plus LE K550MB K550MS K551M Plus K580 K580GM K6 Premium Home & Car Deluxe K6.15M Plus WB K6.15M-PL-WB K6.15M-PL-WB-TR K6.200 K6.200 T400 K6.250 K6.250 Jubilee T400 K6.250 T300 K6.260 K6.300 K6.310 T300 K6.40M Plus WB K6.40M-4F-WB K6.450 K6.450 T400 K6.460 T400 K6.500 K6.50M Plus RWB K6.50M Plus WB K6.50MB K6.50MH Plus WB K6.50MS Plus WB K6.50MS-4F K6.50MS-4F-RWB K6.50M-WB K6.550 K6.550 T300 K6.55M-WB K6.560 K6.600 K6.60M Plus K6.610 T300 K6.685 K6.70M K6.70M-PL-WB K6.70MS Plus WB K6.70MS-4F-WB K6.70MS-PL-WB K6.70M-WB K6.75 Jubilee K6.75 Jubilee Plus T400 K6.750 K6.750 T400 K6.75M-PL-WB T200 K6.760 T400 K6.800 Ecologic K6.80M K6.80M Plus K6.80M Plus RR T200 K6.80M Plus T250 K6.80M-PL-WB K6.80M-WB K6.85M Plus K6.85M Plus WB K6.85MD Plus RR T200 K6.85M-PL-WB K6.85M-WB K6.90MD-PL-WB K6.91M K6.91MD K6.91MD Plus K6.91MD Plus T300 K6.91MD T300 K6.95MD Plus WB T250 K600 K610 K615 K620M K620M Plus K620M Plus Jub K620M TV K620MB K620M-DI K620MH K620M-PL-JUB K620MS K630M K630M Plus K630M Plus RWB K630MS K630MS Plus K630MS Plus RWB K630MS-WB K635M Plus RWB K640M-PL-Flex K645M K650M Plus VPS K655 Pack K655M Pack K670M Plus K670MS Plus K670MS Plus RWB K7 K7 Car K7 Compact K7 Compact Car K7 Compact Home K7 Compact Home T400 K7 Ecologic Home T400 K7 FC Premium K7 Full Control K7 Full Control Home K7 Full Control Premium Home K7 Home T400 K7 Home Wood K7 Premium K7 Premium Car K7 Premium Eco Home K7 Premium Ecologic K7 Premium Ecologic Car & Home K7 Premium Ecologic Car & Home T400 K7 Premium Ecologic Home T400 K7 Premium Full Control K7 Premium Full Control Plus K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home K7 Premium Home K7.200 K7.200 T400 K7.20MX K7.20MX Plus K7.20MX Plus WB K7.20MX T250 K7.20MX-PL T200 WB K7.20MX-PL-RWB K7.20MX-PL-WB K7.20MX-PL-WB-T300 K7.20MX-WB K7.20MX-WB Plus K7.21MX Plus WB K7.21MX VPS K7.22MX-4F-WB K7.260 T400 K7.280MD Plus K7.300 K7.350 K7.350 T400 K7.35M K7.400 K7.410 T400 K7.450 K7.50MX T300 K7.560 K7.560 T400 K7.650 K7.650 T400 K7.700 K7.70MX-4F K7.70MX-4F-WB K7.70MXS-4F-RWB K7.710 T400 K7.750 K7.75M-PL-WB T200 K7.800 Ecologic K7.80M Plus K7.80M Plus WB K7.80MD Plus K7.80M-PL-WB K7.80M-WB K7.85M K7.85M Special K7.85M-4F K7.85M-4F-WB K7.85M-PL-WB K7.85M-WB K7.85MX T300 K7.91MD K7.91MD Plus K7.91MD Plus WB K7.91MD T300 K7.91MD T300 RS K7.960M Plus K70 K715M Plus WB K720M K720MX Plus VS K720MXS Plus K720MXS Plus WB K720MXS-PL-WB K720MXS-WB K725M Plus K730MXS-WB K750MX K750MX-PL RWB K750MX-PL-WB K750MXS-PL-RWB K750MX-WB K770MX Plus KB.202 KB.3030B KB1010 KB2.09 Plus KB2020B KB203-PL-WB KB302 KB4040 MSWB KB602 KB6060C KB7070C KB9050M KHP 3 KJTK22 KJTK22 Plus KJTK25 Payment Information Payments must be made in full before your items are dispatched. We accept only PayPal payment. Delivery Information We will endeavour to ship all UK orders placed before 3.00pm on a working day the same day but this is not a guarantee, delivered usually takes 3-5 working days as we use external delivery partners. Returns We offer a full 30 day returns period should you decide to return an item unused. Please contact us to arrange the return. Outbound postage will be fully refunded, return postage is the responsibility of the buyer unless the item is damaged or not as described. Items must be returned as received in appropriate packaging and unused condition. PAYMENT SHIPPING HERMES PARCELFORCE VAT Invoices We provide a full VAT invoice with each item purchased.If you need your business details on the invoice please include it whilst ordering.