Karcher Pressure Washer Cylinder Head Valve Valves Set x 3 GENUINE

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Home FAQs Feedback Bookmark Us Contact Us Browse our Store Karcher Pressure Washer Cylinder Head Valve Valves Set x 3 GENUINE Description Karcher Pressure Washer Cylinder Head Valve Valves Set x 3 GENUINE. Original Part Number: 2.884-873.0 Alternative Part Number(s): 28848730 Fits the following Karcher Pressure Washer Models: Click on down arrow below G2000 ET (1.133-620.0)G2000 MK (1.133-621.0)G2000 QT (1.133-601.0)G4.10 M (1.133-622.0)G9.60 EU (1.133-700.0)K1800 G (1.133-114.0)K1800 IB (1.133-121.0)K1800IB OHNE ZUBE. (2.640-198.0)K2200 G (1.133-115.0)K2200 IB (1.133-211.0)K450M EU (1.069-820.0)K5.05M-PL-RWB-TREU (1.069-942.0)K5.05M-PLUS-RWBEU (1.069-919.0)K5.20M CH (1.069-290.0)K5.20M EU (1.069-120.0)K5.20M EXPORT (1.069-680.0)K5.20M GB (1.069-280.0)K5.20M PL -T250EU (1.069-952.0)K5.20M PLUS BL EU (1.069-956.0)K5.20M PLUS-RR EU (1.069-954.0)K5.20M PLUS-WB -T300CH (1.069-953.0)K5.20M T250 Black Edition EU (1.069-957.0)K5.20M ZA (1.069-924.0)K5.20M-DELUXE GB (1.069-923.0)K5.20M-PLUS AU (1.069-600.0)K5.20M-PLUS AU (1.069-601.0)K5.20M-PLUS EU (1.069-894.0)K5.20M-PLUS JP (1.069-740.0)K5.20M-PLUS JP (1.069-750.0)K5.20M-PLUS MX (1.069-933.0)K5.20M-PLUS-RWBFR (1.069-320.0)K5.20M-PLUS-RWBRU (1.069-939.0)K5.20V-PLUS-RWBEU (1.069-941.0)K5.35M-PLUS-RWBFR (1.069-121.0)K5.80M AR (1.396-303.0)K5.80M EUR (1.396-100.0)K5.80M GB (1.396-102.0)K5.80M Plus EU (1.396-300.0)K5.80M PLUS SA (1.396-304.0)K5.80M PLUS T250 EU (1.396-306.0)K5.80M-4F EU (1.396-305.0)K5.80M-PLUS AU (1.396-204.0)K5.80M-PLUS AUS (1.396-203.0)K5.80M-PLUS EU (1.396-202.0)K5.80M-PLUS JP (1.396-105.0)K5.80M-PLUS JP (1.396-107.0)K5.80M-PL-WB EUR (1.396-201.0)K5.80M-WB CH (1.396-101.0)K5.85 M Plus EU (1.396-700.0)K5.85M EU (1.396-500.0)K5.85M GB (1.396-512.0)K5.85M PLUS (1.396-703.0)K5.85M PLUS EU (1.396-601.0)K5.85M-PLUS AU (1.396-603.0)K5.85M-PLUS GB (1.396-702.0)K5.85M-PLUS USE 13966030 AU (1.396-602.0)K5.85M-PLUS-WB FR (1.396-508.0)K5.85M-WB CH (1.396-501.0)K5.91 MD PLUS SWBEU (1.396-806.0)K5.91M EU (1.396-800.0)K5.91M GB (1.396-801.0)K5.91MD PLUS CH (1.396-808.0)K5.91MD PLUS SA (1.396-809.0)K5.91MD T250 EU (1.396-807.0)K5000M-PLUS-OBIEU (1.069-918.0)K502 M AR (1.069-932.0)K502 M FR (1.069-901.0)K502 MS EU (1.069-908.0)K502 MS FR (1.069-910.0)K502 MS PLUS FR (1.069-907.0)K502M EU (1.069-900.0)K502M SA (1.069-928.0)K502M-4F-WB EU (1.069-938.0)K502M-PLUS EU (1.069-911.0)K502M-PLUS-WB EU (1.069-943.0)K502MS-DI CA (1.069-917.0)K502MS-PLUS AU (1.069-912.0)K502MS-PLUS CA (1.069-936.0)K502MS-PLUS EU (1.069-913.0)K502MS-PLUS EU (1.069-921.0)K502MS-PLUS-RWBFR (1.069-915.0)K502MS-PLUS-SB EU (1.069-930.0)K502M-WB CA (1.069-937.0)K503M-PLUS-WB EU (1.069-951.0)K520 MH-WB GB (1.069-902.0)K520 M-PLUS FR (1.069-800.0)K520M DI-PLUS CA (1.069-700.0)K520M IL (1.069-898.0)K520MB-PLUS GB (1.069-934.0)K520M-RWB GB (1.069-931.0)K530M EU (1.069-914.0)K6.15M-PLUS-WB EU (1.069-945.0)K6.15M-PL-WB CH (1.069-946.0)K6.15M-PL-WB-TREU (1.069-944.0)K6.40M-4F-WB F (1.138-505.0)K6.40M-PLUS-WB FR (1.397-204.0)K6.50 MB (26065397) (1.138-503.0)K6.50MH-PLUS-WBGB (1.138-405.0)K6.50M-PLUS-RWB F (1.138-403.0)K6.50M-PLUS-RWBFR (1.138-504.0)K6.50M-PLUS-WB CH (1.138-402.0)K6.50M-PLUS-WB EU (1.138-401.0)K6.50MS-4F F (1.138-454.0)K6.50MS-4F-RWB F (1.138-452.0)K6.50MS-PLUS-WBEU (1.138-451.0)K6.50M-WB EUR (1.138-501.0)K6.50M-WB NZ (1.138-502.0)K6.55M-WB CA (1.069-950.0)K6.60M-PLUS FR (1.397-604.0)K6.70 M (25051964) (1.138-104.0)K6.70 M-PL-WB EU (1.138-301.0)K6.70M-PL-WB CA (1.138-306.0)K6.70MS-4F-WB AU (1.138-311.0)K6.70MS-PLUS-WBJP (1.138-207.0)K6.70MS-PLUS-WBJP (1.138-208.0)K6.70MS-PL-WB EUR (1.138-201.0)K6.70M-WB CH (1.138-102.0)K6.70M-WB EU (1.138-101.0)K6.75 Jubilee EU (1.397-805.0)K6.75 Jubilee Plus T400 EU (1.397-806.0)K6.75 M-pl-WB-T 200 EU (1.138-550.0)K6.75 M-pl-WB-T 250 GB (1.138-551.0)K6.80 M - USE 13971040 AUS (1.397-103.0)K6.80 M PLUS RR T200 EU (1.397-207.0)K6.80M PLUS T250 EU (1.397-205.0)K6.80M-PLUS AU (1.397-104.0)K6.80M-PL-WB EU (1.397-201.0)K6.80M-WB CH (1.397-101.0)K6.80M-WB EU (1.397-100.0)K6.80M-WB GB (1.397-102.0)K6.85 M-PL-WB SA (1.397-605.0)K6.85MD PLUS RR T200EU (1.397-606.0)K6.85M-PLUS AU (1.397-504.0)K6.85M-PLUS-WB EU (1.397-601.0)K6.85M-PL-WB - USE 13975040 AUS (1.397-503.0)K6.85M-WB CH (1.397-501.0)K6.85M-WB EU (1.397-500.0)K6.85M-WB GB (1.397-502.0)K6.90 MD PL WB FR (1.397-803.0)K6.91M GB (1.397-801.0)K6.91MD EU (1.397-800.0)K6.91MD PLUS AU (1.397-804.0)K6.91MD PLUS -T300EU (1.397-831.0)K6.91MD-T300 EU (1.397-830.0)K650 M-PLUS-VPS F (1.138-404.0)K670 M-PLUS AUS (1.138-309.0)K670 MS-PLUS BR (1.138-206.0)K670 MS-PLUS NZ (1.138-305.0)K670MS-PLUS CH (1.138-202.0)K670MS-PLUS-RWB F (1.138-205.0)KB 602 (26301761) (1.138-453.0)KB9050M GB (1.396-513.0) To find your model number - Pressure Washers should have a sticker with the information on. You should be able to find this on the base, or where the mains cord flows into the unit. It could also be near the wheel or on the side. Please Note: This is a brand new Genuine Manufacturers Part. Liability We shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages or expenses. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to property, lost income, profits, economic or commercial losses and third parties claims. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights. We strongly recommend that all parts are fitted by a suitably qualified person, using the correct tools and test equipment, with the appliance disconnected from the mains supply. Free Delivery Parts are usually dispatched within 1 business day. Free Delivery usually takes 1 - 3 business days to arrive. Next Day delivery is also available for orders placed before 3pm Mon - Thu. Orders place for Next Day delivery on Friday before 3pm will be delivered on Monday (excluding bank holidays). 60 Days No Quibble Returns We sincerely hope that you are happy with your order, however in the event that you no longer require the part you ordered, and it is unused in the original packaging, please return it to us within 60 days and well give you a full refund. Content © Copyright shop4spares. All rights reserved.