Karcher Side Pipe To Cylinder Head Clip Metal Fork 90391480

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Pressure Washer Part



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Home FAQs Feedback Bookmark Us Contact Us Browse our Store Karcher Side Pipe To Cylinder Head Clip Metal Fork 90391480 Description Karcher Side Pipe To Cylinder Head Clip Metal Fork 90391480. Original Part Number: 9.039-148.0 Alternative Part Number(s): 90391480 Fits the following Karcher Pressure Washer Models: Click on down arrow below CIP BY KAERCHER EU (1.423-951.0)CIPBY KAERCHER EU (1.423-951.0)HIGH PRESSURE WASHER K2.250 (220V) BR (1.994-671.0)K1 GB (1.601-533.0)K1 KAP (1.600-006.0)K1.100 ALA 220V BR (1.600-002.0)K1.100 ALA ZA (1.600-003.0)K1.100 ALA127V BR (1.600-001.0)K1.100 CO (1.600-004.0)K1400-4F-WB (1.421-205.0)K2 AU (1.602-221.0)K2 BASIC AU (1.602-110.0)K2 BASIC CAR MX (1.602-118.0)K2 BASIC MX (1.602-105.0)K2 BASIC PLUS AU (1.602-112.0)K2 BASIC PLUS NZ (1.602-109.0)K2 BASIC PROMO MX (1.602-113.0)K2 CAR JP (1.602-226.0)K2 CAR MX (1.602-214.0)K2 CCK (1.602-315.0)K2 CHK (1.602-317.0)K2 CLASSIC PLUS SEA (1.600-975.0)K2 CN (1.602-211.0)K2 COMPACT (1.602-114.0)K2 COMPACT CN (1.602-104.0)K2 COMPACT MX (1.602-106.0)K2 COMPACT PLUS HOME AU (1.602-111.0)K2 COMPACTA 127V BR (1.600-990.0)K2 COMPACTA 220V BR (1.600-991.0)K2 ERGO (1.602-316.0)K2 HOME JP (1.602-219.0)K2 HOME MX (1.602-228.0)K2 HOME TELESCOPIC PLUS AU (1.602-223.0)K2 JP (1.602-218.0)K2 MX (1.602-212.0)K2 PLUS (1.602-224.0)K2 PLUS AU (1.602-220.0)K2 PLUS HOME AU (1.602-222.0)K2 PREMIUM CN (1.602-311.0)K2 PREMIUM HOME MX (1.602-312.0)K2 PREMIUM TELESCOPIC MX (1.602-313.0)K2 SOCCER PROMOTION CO (1.602-310.0)K2 TELESCOPIC JP (1.602-225.0)K2 TELESCOPIC MX (1.602-215.0)K2 TELESCOPIC PLUS NZ (1.602-217.0)K2 UNIVERSAL (1.602-314.0)K2.00 (1.241-107.0)K2.00 JP (1.601-586.0)K2.00 PLUS AU (1.241-105.0)K2.00 PLUS AU (1.241-122.0)K2.00 PLUS CH (1.241-102.0)K2.00 PLUS EU (1.241-101.0)K2.00 PLUS EU (1.241-130.0)K2.00 PLUS MX (1.241-110.0)K2.00 PLUS SA (1.241-121.0)K2.00MB-PLUS-2F (1.241-202.0)K2.00M-PLUS AU (1.241-210.0)K2.00M-PLUS CH (1.241-209.0)K2.00M-PLUS NZ (1.241-204.0)K2.00M-PLUS-2F EU (1.241-201.0)K2.010 JP (1.601-520.0)K2.010 KAP (1.601-521.0)K2.020 JP (1.601-654.0)K2.021 JP (1.601-536.0)K2.023 JP (1.601-537.0)K2.025JP (1.601-522.0)K2.030 CN (1.601-518.0)K2.030 JP (1.601-514.0)K2.030 KAP (1.601-517.0)K2.050 (1.601-650.0)K2.050 (120V) BR (1.601-146.0)K2.050 (220V) BR (1.601-147.0)K2.050 CARIB (1.601-655.0)K2.050 CN (1.601-656.0)K2.050 KAP (1.601-652.0)K2.050 MX (1.601-653.0)K2.070 (1.601-651.0)K2.080 AU (1.601-555.0)K2.09 PLUS EU (1.241-301.0)K2.09 PLUS MX (1.241-310.0)K2.090 AU (1.602-103.0)K2.09M-PLUS AU (1.241-354.0)K2.09M-PLUS CH (1.241-358.0)K2.09M-PLUS EU (1.241-350.0)K2.09M-PLUS NZ (1.241-351.0)K2.09M-PLUS-2F (1.241-353.0)K2.09M-PLUS-WB EU (1.241-356.0)K2.09-PLUS AR (1.241-312.0)K2.09-PLUS USE 12413140 AU (1.241-311.0)K2.100 AU (1.602-102.0)K2.100 EU (1.602-100.0)K2.100 NZ (1.602-108.0)K2.150 (1.601-660.0)K2.150 CA (1.601-665.0)K2.150 CN (1.601-666.0)K2.150 JP (1.601-662.0)K2.150 MX (1.601-661.0)K2.155 JP (1.602-101.0)K2.16 (1.601-532.0)K2.16 GB (1.601-534.0)K2.16 WB GB (1.601-535.0)K2.160 MX (1.601-663.0)K2.160 WALMART MX (1.601-664.0)K2.17 PLUS IT (1.601-516.0)K2.18 M EU (1.601-134.0)K2.18 M PLUS T50 IT (1.601-145.0)K2.180 AU (1.601-184.0)K2.180 JP (1.601-185.0)K2.19 (1.601-510.0)K2.19 CAR CARE KIT (1.601-512.0)K2.19 GB (1.601-511.0)K2.19 MX (1.601-513.0)K2.19 TV (1.601-515.0)K2.190 AU (1.602-209.0)K2.200 JP (1.601-160.0)K2.21 (1.601-132.0)K2.21 CN (1.601-133.0)K2.21 M ES (1.601-148.0)K2.21 M EU (1.601-130.0)K2.21 M ZA (1.601-135.0)K2.21 MX (1.601-138.0)K2.21M (120V) BR (1.601-136.0)K2.21M (220V) BR (1.601-137.0)K2.21M CN (1.601-139.0)K2.25 (1.601-552.0)K2.25 WALMART CANADA (1.601-553.0)K2.250 (1.601-670.0)K2.250 (127V) BR (1.994-670.0)K2.250 JP (1.601-671.0)K2.250 MX (1.601-672.0)K2.255 JP (1.601-673.0)K2.255 WB JP (1.601-674.0)K2.25M CN (1.601-556.0)K2.25M GB (1.601-551.0)K2.26 CA (1.601-480.0)K2.26 M PLUS (1.601-601.0)K2.26 T50 CA (1.601-482.0)K2.260 T150 AU (1.601-699.0)K2.26M T150 (1.601-608.0)K2.26M T50 MX (1.601-607.0)K2.26M T50 TV (1.601-609.0)K2.27 (1.601-177.0)K2.27 CCK (1.601-176.0)K2.27 CCK CA (1.601-209.0)K2.27 DIR (1.601-178.0)K2.27 M (127V)BR (1.994-630.0)K2.27 M (220V) BR (1.994-631.0)K2.28 (1.601-554.0)K2.29 (1.601-604.0)K2.29 CA (1.601-481.0)K2.29M 120V BR (1.601-605.0)K2.29M 220V BR (1.601-606.0)K2.300 (1.602-201.0)K2.300 AU (1.602-206.0)K2.300 CA (1.602-204.0)K2.300 EU (1.602-200.0)K2.300 JP (1.602-207.0)K2.300 NZ (1.602-213.0)K2.300 T150 AU (1.602-203.0)K2.315 AU (1.602-210.0)K2.325 AU (1.602-205.0)K2.325 EU (1.602-202.0)K2.325 JP (1.602-208.0)K2.350 (1.601-680.0)K2.350 (127V) BR (1.994-632.0)K2.350 (220V) BR (1.994-633.0)K2.350 CA (1.601-698.0)K2.350 CN (1.601-000.0)K2.350 KAP (1.601-685.0)K2.350 MX (1.601-687.0)K2.350 PLUS (127V) BR (1.994-634.0)K2.350 PLUS (220V) BR (1.994-635.0)K2.350 T50 AU (1.601-690.0)K2.360 (1.601-681.0)K2.360 (127V) BR (1.994-640.0)K2.360 (220V) BR (1.994-641.0)K2.360 AU (1.601-682.0)K2.360 CARIB (1.601-691.0)K2.360 CN (1.601-683.0)K2.360 DIR (1.601-694.0)K2.360 JP (1.601-684.0)K2.360 KAP (1.601-686.0)K2.360 MX (1.601-688.0)K2.360 PROMO EXPORT 220V (1.601-692.0)K2.360 PROMO MX (1.601-693.0)K2.360 T50 (1.601-695.0)K2.360 T50 DIR CA (1.601-697.0)K2.360 ZA (1.601-689.0)K2.370 KS JP (1.601-696.0)K2.38 M (1.601-180.0)K2.38 M QC (1.601-186.0)K2.400 AU (1.602-302.0)K2.400 EU (1.602-300.0)K2.400 JP (1.602-309.0)K2.420 AIR CON KAP (1.601-110.0)K2.420 AIR CON SA (1.601-111.0)K2.425 (1.602-305.0)K2.425 CA (1.602-307.0)K2.425 EU (1.602-301.0)K2.425 MX (1.602-306.0)K2.50M PLUS AU (1.241-216.0)K2.50M-PLUS-WB AU (1.241-215.0)K2.55 (1.601-502.0)K2.55 TV (1.601-501.0)K2.56 M (1.601-541.0)K2.56 M QVC (1.601-542.0)K2.57 TV (1.601-582.0)K2.58 M MX (1.601-353.0)K2.58 M TV (1.601-352.0)K2.59M-PLUS-WB - USE PART NO. 12413590 (1.241-357.0)K2.68M MX (1.601-632.0)K2.68M PLUS WB EU (1.601-630.0)K2.75 M PLUS IT (1.601-543.0)K2.75 M PLUS VPSIT (1.601-544.0)K2.75 M PLUS WB T50 IT (1.601-545.0)K2.80M-PLUS-RWBEU (1.241-214.0)K2.88M (127V) BR (1.601-182.0)K2.88M (220V) BR (1.601-183.0)K2.900 SILENT 50HZ JP (1.601-440.0)K2.900 SILENT 60HZ JP (1.601-441.0)K2.900 SILENT PS 20 SH 50HZ JP (1.601-444.0)K2.900 SILENT PS 20 SH 60HZ JP (1.601-445.0)K2.900 SILENT PS20 50HZ JP (1.601-442.0)K2.900 SILENT PS20 60HZ JP (1.601-443.0)K2.90M-PLUS-WB EU (1.241-213.0)K2.93 PLUS MX (1.601-105.0)K2.97 MB-PL GB (1.421-741.0)K2.97M PLUS CA (1.421-212.0)K2.97M-4F-WB (1.421-213.0)K2.97MD-PL-T100CH (1.421-218.0)K2.97MD-PLUS CH (1.421-217.0)K2.97MD-PLUS EU (1.421-210.0)K2.97M-PL T100 EU (1.421-760.0)K2.97M-PL-2F-WBAU - USE 14212160 (1.421-202.0)K2.97M-PL-RWB-VPEU (1.421-204.0)K2.97M-PL-TRG EU (1.421-215.0)K2.97M-PL-TR-TVGB (1.421-206.0)K2.97M-PLUS AU (1.421-216.0)K2.97M-PLUS CH (1.421-201.0)K2.97M-PLUS EU (1.421-200.0)K2.97M-PLUS NZ (1.421-209.0)K2.97M-PL-WB GB (1.421-214.0)K2.97M-VPS-PL-WB (1.421-211.0)K2.97-PLUS EU (1.421-100.0)K2.98M PLUS EU (1.421-790.0)K2.98M-PLUS-T50EU (1.421-810.0)K2.99 MD PLUS CN (1.421-822.0)K2.99 MD-Plus EU (1.421-820.0)K2.99 M-PLUS EU (1.421-400.0)K2.99M PLUS WB JP (1.421-418.0)K2.99M PLUS WB JP (1.421-419.0)K2.99M-4F-RWB EU /ABG (1.421-415.0)K2.99M-4F-RWBGB/ABG (1.421-416.0)K2.99MD-PLUS CH (1.421-401.0)K2.99MD-PLUS EU (1.421-414.0)K2.99MD-PLUS GB (1.421-411.0)K2.99MH-PL-WB GB (1.421-403.0)K2.99M-PL-RWB EU (1.421-412.0)K2.99M-PL-RWBEU (1.421-405.0)K2.99M-PL-T50 EU (1.421-870.0)K2.99M-PL-T50 GB (1.421-872.0)K2.99M-PLUS FR (1.421-404.0)K2.99M-PLUS MX (1.421-413.0)K2.99M-PL-VPS EU (1.421-417.0)K2.99M-PL-WBEU (1.421-406.0)K2.99M-PL-WB-TREU (1.421-410.0)K2.99M-PL-WB-TRGB (1.421-409.0)K2.99-PLUS EU (1.421-300.0)K200 M-PL-RWB EUR (1.241-207.0)K200 M-PLUS-R FR (1.241-206.0)K200 PLUS (99 VERSION) (1.241-106.0)K200M-4F-RWB-C FR (1.241-205.0)K200M-PL-RWB+WBFR (1.241-208.0)K202 M-PL-RWB F (1.241-211.0)K204 M-PLUS-WB F (1.241-212.0)K209 PLUS (1.241-302.0)K2127V BR (1.994-614.0)K2220V BR (1.994-615.0)K299M-4F-WB - USE 14214200 (1.421-402.0)K2BASIC CAR KAP (1.602-107.0)K3 (1.602-706.0)K3 127V BR (1.601-833.0)K3 220V BR (1.601-834.0)K3 AE (1.601-815.0)K3 CAR & HOME EU (1.601-822.0)K3 CAR & HOME T150 EU (1.601-820.0)K3 CAR EU (1.601-819.0)K3 CAR GB (1.601-824.0)K3 CAR MX (1.601-832.0)K3 CAR NZ (1.601-826.0)K3 CN (1.601-831.0)K3 COMPACT AU (1.637-308.0)K3 DECK AU (1.601-829.0)K3 EU (1.601-812.0)K3 GB (1.636-431.0)K3 HOME DANKESCH�N EDITION DE (1.601-825.0)K3 HOME EU (1.601-813.0)K3 HOME T150 EU (1.601-821.0)K3 HOME T150 NZ (1.601-827.0)K3 HOME T250 EU (1.601-813.0)K3 MX (1.601-830.0)K3 PREMIUM AR (1.603-186.0)K3 PREMIUM EU (1.603-180.0)K3 PREMIUM HOME + CAR AU (1.603-185.0)K3 PREMIUM HOME GB (1.603-183.0)K3 PREMIUM HOME T150 EU (1.603-181.0)K3 PREMIUM HOME T350 EU (1.603-182.0)K3 PREMIUM WATER SUPPLY KIT CN (1.603-184.0)K3 SILENT 50HZ JP (1.601-446.0)K3 SILENT 60HZ JP (1.601-447.0)K3 SILENT VERANDA 50HZ JP (1.601-448.0)K3 SILENT VERANDA 60HZ JP (1.601-449.0)K3 STAIRS EU (1.601-823.0)K3 TW (1.601-880.0)K3.00 ECO SILENT EU (1.636-800.0)K3.08 MD JP (1.950-107.0)K3.130 T50 EU (1.601-794.0)K3.140 (127V) BR (1.601-790.0)K3.140 (220V) BR (1.601-791.0)K3.150 (127V) BR (1.601-648.0)K3.150 (220V) BR (1.601-649.0)K3.150 CN (1.601-643.0)K3.150 EU (1.601-642.0)K3.150 JP (1.601-647.0)K3.150 T250 EU (1.601-640.0)K3.150 T250 EU (1.601-645.0)K3.150 T250 GB (1.601-641.0)K3.150 T250 RR EU (1.601-795.0)K3.150 T50 AU (1.601-644.0)K3.155 AU (1.601-796.0)K3.160 AU (1.601-713.0)K3.170 T150 AU (1.601-793.0)K3.180 T50B AU (1.601-792.0)K3.190 AU (1.601-817.0)K3.190 CH (1.601-816.0)K3.190 CN (1.601-814.0)K3.190 EU (1.601-810.0)K3.190 T250 AU (1.601-818.0)K3.190 T250 EU (1.601-811.0)K3.20 M CH (1.636-292.0)K3.20 M Plus T 250 EU (1.636-291.0)K3.200 (50HZ)JP (1.637-303.0)K3.200 (60HZ)JP (1.637-304.0)K3.200 AU (1.637-307.0)K3.200 CN (1.637-306.0)K3.200 EU (1.637-300.0)K3.200 KR (1.637-305.0)K3.200 T250 EU (1.637-301.0)K3.200 T250 GB (1.637-302.0)K3.350 (1.602-700.0)K3.350 (1.602-701.0)K3.350 (127V) BR (1.994-200.0)K3.350 (220V) BR (1.994-201.0)K3.350 DIR (1.602-705.0)K3.350 DIR CA (1.602-703.0)K3.350 QC (1.602-702.0)K3.390 (127V) BR (1.994-210.0)K3.390 (220V) BR (1.994-211.0)K3.440 (1.601-760.0)K3.450 (1.601-770.0)K3.450 AU (1.601-773.0)K3.450 CA (1.601-781.0)K3.450 CN (1.601-783.0)K3.450 KAP (1.601-756.0)K3.450 MX (1.601-774.0)K3.450 T250 CCK TV (1.601-776.0)K3.450 T350 AU (1.601-780.0)K3.450 TW (1.601-782.0)K3.460 (1.601-771.0)K3.47 M PLUS (1.601-720.0)K3.47M PLUS MX (1.601-722.0)K3.48 CA (1.601-714.0)K3.48 M PLUS (1.601-710.0)K3.48 M PLUS MX (1.601-712.0)K3.480 EU (1.180-104.0)K3.480 T250 EU (1.180-105.0)K3.490JP 50HZ (1.601-777.0)K3.490JP 60HZ (1.601-778.0)K3.490MX (1.601-775.0)K3.495 T250 EU (1.601-779.0)K3.49M PLUS (1.601-730.0)K3.500 CAR KIT GB (1.180-120.0)K3.500 CH (1.180-108.0)K3.500 DR150 GB (1.180-102.0)K3.500 EU (1.180-100.0)K3.500 GARDEN CH (1.180-107.0)K3.500 Garden EU (1.180-106.0)K3.500 RWB EU (1.180-115.0)K3.500 T250 EU (1.180-101.0)K3.500 T250 GB (1.180-103.0)K3.500 T50 EU (1.180-119.0)K3.500 T50 GB (1.180-113.0)K3.500 T50 Screwfix GB (1.180-118.0)K3.500 TW (1.180-121.0)K3.510 T250 RWB EU (1.180-116.0)K3.530 T250 CH (1.180-110.0)K3.530 T250 EU (1.180-109.0)K3.540 CA (1.603-151.0)K3.540 CEM (1.603-100.0)K3.540 GB (1.180-134.0)K3.540 KTC (1.603-150.0)K3.550 Argos GB (1.180-139.0)K3.550 CH (1.180-133.0)K3.550 DR GB (1.180-135.0)K3.550 EU (1.180-130.0)K3.550 GB (1.180-132.0)K3.550 KR (1.180-112.0)K3.550 SA (1.180-111.0)K3.550 T250 GB (1.180-137.0)K3.550-T250 EU (1.180-131.0)K3.570 T250 EU (1.180-136.0)K3.575 T250 Jubilee GB (1.180-138.0)K3.58M PLUS MX (1.601-748.0)K3.600 EU (1.180-200.0)K3.60MD Plus T300 VfB EU (1.636-166.0)K3.610 T250 CH (1.180-117.0)K3.610 T250 EU (1.180-114.0)K3.65 (1.601-754.0)K3.65 Jubilee GB (1.601-752.0)K3.65 MD EU (1.601-750.0)K3.65 MD Plus T250 EU (1.601-751.0)K3.65 T250 (1.601-755.0)K3.65MD PLUS CN (1.601-753.0)K3.66 MD PLUS RWB EU (1.636-163.0)K3.67M CA (1.601-702.0)K3.67MD PLUS (1.601-701.0)K3.68 M PLUS WBAR (1.636-168.0)K3.68 MD PLUS CA (1.601-743.0)K3.68 MD PLUS CH (1.636-164.0)K3.68 MD PLUS EU (1.636-160.0)K3.68 MD PLUS GB (1.636-161.0)K3.68 MD PLUS VPS MX (1.601-746.0)K3.68 MDD (1.601-745.0)K3.68 MS PLUS CA (1.601-744.0)K3.68M PLUS AR (1.636-167.0)K3.68MD PLUS (1.601-742.0)K3.68MD PLUS VPS 2000 PSI (1.601-747.0)K3.69 M (1.601-704.0)K3.690 (1.601-772.0)K3.695 EU (1.180-301.0)K3.700 CN (1.180-302.0)K3.700 EU (1.180-300.0)K3.740 CA (1.603-171.0)K3.740 CEM (1.603-120.0)K3.740 KTC (1.603-170.0)K3.740 MX (1.603-121.0)K3.75 MD EU (1.950-116.0)K3.75 MD T250 EU (1.950-120.0)K3.77 M T250 EU (1.636-152.0)K3.78M-PLUS (1.423-953.0)K3.79M PLUS (1.423-927.0)K3.79MD-PLUS CA (1.423-922.0)K3.80 MD (1.950-105.0)K3.80 MD CH (1.950-101.0)K3.80 MD EU (1.950-100.0)K3.80 MD Garden EU (1.950-112.0)K3.80 MD PLUS GB (1.950-102.0)K3.80 MD Plus T250 RR EU (1.950-114.0)K3.80 MD plus T250 RR EU (1.950-115.0)K3.80 MD T200CH (1.950-108.0)K3.80 MD T250 EU (1.950-117.0)K3.80 MD T250 GB (1.950-113.0)K3.80 MD WB GB (1.950-109.0)K3.800 ECO!OGIC AU (1.180-183.0)K3.800 ECO!OGIC CH (1.180-181.0)K3.800 ECOLOGIC EU (1.180-180.0)K3.81M-PLUS (1.423-954.0)K3.82 MD PLUS VPS T250 CH (1.950-119.0)K3.82 MD plus VPS T250 EU (1.950-118.0)K3.86 GB (1.636-124.0)K3.86 M CA (1.636-122.0)K3.86 M EU (1.636-120.0)K3.86 M PLUS (1.636-121.0)K3.86MD PLUS EU (1.636-125.0)K3.87M CH (1.423-604.0)K3.88 MD PLUS RU (1.950-110.0)K3.900 M PLUS EU (1.636-213.0)K3.900 M PLUS T250 EU (1.636-240.0)K3.900 M PLUS T250 RWB EU (1.636-241.0)K3.900 MD PLUS T250 RWB CH (1.636-242.0)K3.91 MD-PLUS-RWB-T100EU (1.636-931.0)K3.91M (1.636-902.0)K3.91M CA (1.636-905.0)K3.91M EU (1.636-900.0)K3.91M GB (1.636-901.0)K3.91MD (50HZ) JP (1.636-903.0)K3.91MD (60HZ) JP (1.636-904.0)K3.91MD PLUS CN (1.636-914.0)K3.91MD PLUS RWBEU (1.636-909.0)K3.91MD PLUS T250 EU (1.636-930.0)K3.91MD WRC EU (1.636-907.0)K3.91MD WRC GB (1.636-908.0)K3.92M CA (1.423-855.0)K3.93 M PLUS EU (1.636-210.0)K3.960 M PLUS GB (1.636-356.0)K3.960M PLUS EU (1.636-354.0)K3.960M PLUS T200 GB (1.636-383.0)K3.960M PLUS T250 EU (1.636-381.0)K3.960M-F1 CH (1.423-120.0)K3.96M-PLUS EU (1.423-300.0)K3.96M-Plus EU (1.636-100.0)K3.97 M DeLuxe GB (1.636-293.0)K3.97 M JP (1.423-106.0)K3.97 M JP (1.423-107.0)K3.97 M-F DE (1.423-112.0)K3.97 M-F1 AU (1.636-284.0)K3.97M AUS/NZ (1.423-102.0)K3.97M CH (1.423-101.0)K3.97M EU (1.423-100.0)K3.97M -F JP (1.423-248.0)K3.97M -F JP (1.423-249.0)K3.97M FIFA BNL (1.636-289.0)K3.97M FIFA CH (1.636-290.0)K3.97M FIFA EU (1.636-288.0)K3.97M PL FR (1.636-282.0)K3.97M PL-F1 CH (1.636-283.0)K3.97M PL-F1 EU (1.636-281.0)K3.97M SA (1.423-109.0)K3.97M-4F USE 14231190 AUS (1.423-111.0)K3.97M-4F-WB (1.423-105.0)K3.97MB-PL-WB GB (1.423-103.0)K3.97MD-4F-WBCA (1.423-104.0)K3.97MD-PLUS EU (1.423-116.0)K3.97M-PLUS (1.423-115.0)K3.97M-PLUS AU (1.423-119.0)K3.97M-PLUS EUR (1.423-108.0)K3.97M-PLUS JP (1.636-285.0)K3.97M-PLUS JP (1.636-286.0)K3.97M-PL-WB (1.423-110.0)K3.97M-PL-WB-F EU (1.423-118.0)K3.980M-RWB CH (1.423-254.0)K3.98M PLUS AU (1.636-321.0)K3.98M PLUS EU (1.636-320.0)K3.98M PLUS T200 EU (1.636-340.0)K3.98M PLUS-WB (1.636-622.0)K3.98MD-4F CA (1.423-450.0)K3.98M-PLUS MX (1.423-451.0)K3.99 M GB 230-240V 1PH 50Hz (1.423-245.0)K3.990M-PLUS CH (1.423-606.0)K3.990M-PLUS EU (1.423-605.0)K3.99M AR (1.636-353.0)K3.99M EUR (1.423-230.0)K3.99M PLUS EU (1.423-240.0)K3.99M PLUS T250 EU (1.636-380.0)K3.99M SPECIALBNL (1.423-243.0)K3.99M-4F-RWBAUS (1.423-232.0)K3.99MD-PL (HB)GB (1.423-247.0)K3.99MD-PL-RWBEUR (1.423-238.0)K3.99MD-PLUS JP (1.423-236.0)K3.99MD-PLUS JP (1.423-237.0)K3.99MD-PL-WBCA (1.423-234.0)K3.99M-F EU (1.423-250.0)K3.99M-PL T200 GB (1.636-382.0)K3.99M-PL-TR EUR (1.423-241.0)K3.99M-PLUS (1.423-235.0)K3.99M-PLUS EU (1.636-350.0)K3.99M-PLUS EU (1.636-352.0)K3.99M-PLUS MEX (1.423-246.0)K3.99M-PLUS-WB FR (1.423-239.0)K3.99M-PLUS-WB GB (1.423-233.0)K399M-PLUS CH (1.423-242.0)K4 (1.603-152.0)K4 AR (1.180-166.0)K4 BASIC ECO!OGIC HOME EU (1.180-190.0)K4 BASIC EU (1.180-080.0)K4 BASIC HOME EU (1.180-081.0)K4 BASIC MX (1.601-860.0)K4 CAR & HOME CH (1.180-165.0)K4 CAR & HOME EU (1.180-160.0)K4 CAR CH (1.180-157.0)K4 CAR EU (1.180-155.0)K4 CAR GB (1.180-161.0)K4 CAR RU (1.180-162.0)K4 CH (1.180-156.0)K4 CLASSIC ZA (1.180-250.0)K4 COMPACT CAR CH (1.637-317.0)K4 COMPACT CAR EU (1.637-315.0)K4 COMPACT CAR RU (1.637-320.0)K4 COMPACT CH (1.637-316.0)K4 Compact EU (1.637-310.0)K4 Compact GB (1.637-311.0)K4 COMPACT HOME CH (1.637-318.0)K4 COMPACT HOME EU (1.637-312.0)K4 COMPACT HOME GB (1.637-313.0)K4 COMPACT HOME T250 EU (1.637-312.0)K4 COMPACT HOME T250 GB (1.637-313.0)K4 COMPACT HOME WOOD EU (1.637-314.0)K4 COMPACT HOME WOOD T250EU (1.637-314.0)K4 ECO!OGIC EU (1.180-210.0)K4 EU (1.180-150.0)K4 FC PREMIUM LITE GB (1.324-102.0)K4 FULL CONTROL CAR & HOME EU (1.324-008.0)K4 FULL CONTROL CAR & HOME GB (1.324-009.0)K4 FULL CONTROL CAR EU (1.324-007.0)K4 FULL CONTROL CH (1.324-001.0)K4 FULL CONTROL EU (1.324-000.0)K4 FULL CONTROL GB (1.324-002.0)K4 FULL CONTROL HOME EU (1.324-003.0)K4 FULL CONTROL HOME GB (1.324-005.0)K4 FULL CONTROL HOME WOOD EU (1.324-006.0)K4 GB (1.180-151.0)K4 HOME CH (1.180-159.0)K4 HOME EU (1.180-158.0)K4 HOME GB (1.180-154.0)K4 Home T250 GB (1.180-154.0)K4 HOME WOOD T250 EU (1.180-153.0)K4 HOME WOODEU (1.180-153.0)K4 KR (1.180-164.0)K4 MX (1.601-850.0)K4 MY KARCHER RU (1.637-359.0)K4 PE (1.180-163.0)K4 PREMIUM (1.603-352.0)K4 PREMIUM AR (1.180-322.0)K4 PREMIUM CAR & HOME CH (1.180-320.0)K4 PREMIUM CAR & HOME EU (1.180-314.0)K4 PREMIUM CAR & HOME WOOD EU (1.180-323.0)K4 PREMIUM CAR AU (1.180-615.0)K4 PREMIUM CAR CH (1.180-316.0)K4 PREMIUM CAR EU (1.180-313.0)K4 PREMIUM CAR MX (1.601-871.0)K4 PREMIUM CAR PE (1.180-318.0)K4 PREMIUM ECO!OGIC CH (1.180-664.0)K4 PREMIUM ECO!OGIC EU (1.180-663.0)K4 PREMIUM ECO!OGIC HOME CH (1.180-662.0)K4 PREMIUM ECOLOGIC HOME EU (1.180-660.0)K4 PREMIUM ECOLOGIC HOME GB (1.180-661.0)K4 Premium EU (1.180-310.0)K4 PREMIUM FULL CONTROL AU (1.324-107.0)K4 PREMIUM FULL CONTROL CAR & HOME GB (1.324-109.0)K4 PREMIUM FULL CONTROL CH (1.324-101.0)K4 PREMIUM FULL CONTROL EU (1.324-100.0)K4 PREMIUM FULL CONTROL HOME CH (1.324-104.0)K4 PREMIUM FULL CONTROL HOME EU (1.324-103.0)K4 PREMIUM FULL CONTROL HOME GB (1.324-105.0)K4 PREMIUM FULL CONTROL HOME WOOD EU (1.324-106.0)K4 PREMIUM FULL CONTROL HOMEAU (1.324-108.0)K4 PREMIUM HOME CH (1.180-317.0)K4 PREMIUM HOME DANKESCH�N EDITION DE (1.180-321.0)K4 PREMIUM HOME EU (1.180-315.0)K4 PREMIUM HOME GB (1.180-312.0)K4 PREMIUM HOME T250 EU (1.180-311.0)K4 PREMIUM HOME T250 GB (1.180-312.0)K4 PREMIUM HOME WATER SUPPLY CN (1.180-319.0)K4 PREMIUM HOME WOOD EU (1.180-311.0)K4 PREMIUM MX (1.601-870.0)K4 PREMIUM TW (1.601-872.0)K4 SILENT EDITION CH (1.637-351.0)K4 SILENT EDITION CN (1.637-356.0)K4 SILENT EDITION GB (1.637-352.0)K4 SILENT EDITION HOME CH (1.637-354.0)K4 SILENT EDITION HOME EU (1.637-353.0)K4 SILENT EDITION HOME WOOD EU (1.637-358.0)K4 SILENT HOME 50HZ JP (1.601-842.0)K4 SILENT HOME 60HZ JP (1.601-843.0)K4 SILENT RU (1.637-355.0)K4.00 50HZ JP (1.636-801.0)K4.00 60HZ JP (1.636-802.0)K4.00 ECO SILENT BR 127V (1.636-803.0)K4.00 ECO SILENT BR 220V (1.636-804.0)K4.00 ECO SILENT CH (1.636-831.0)K4.00 ECO SILENT EU (1.636-830.0)K4.130 GB (1.950-207.0)K4.150 AT (1.637-321.0)K4.20 M PLUS T250 EU (1.636-582.0)K4.200 CH (1.637-402.0)K4.200 CN (1.637-404.0)K4.200 EU (1.637-400.0)K4.200 T250 EU (1.637-403.0)K4.200 T250 GB (1.637-401.0)K4.44 WaterCooled EU (1.636-870.0)K4.44 WaterCooled T250EU (1.636-871.0)K4.450 (1.601-800.0)K4.450 CN (1.601-802.0)K4.450 MX (1.601-801.0)K4.50 MD-PL-RWB AT (1.636-708.0)K4.50 MD-PL-RWB AT (1.636-710.0)K4.500 EU (1.180-500.0)K4.500 EU (1.180-502.0)K4.500 T250 EU (1.180-501.0)K4.600 CH (1.180-607.0)K4.600 CN (1.180-609.0)K4.600 EU (1.180-600.0)K4.600 GB (1.180-602.0)K4.600 RWB CH (1.180-606.0)K4.600 T200 Argos GB (1.180-614.0)K4.600 T250 CH (1.180-605.0)K4.600 T250 GB (1.180-603.0)K4.600-T250 EU (1.180-601.0)K4.620 T250 EU (1.180-604.0)K4.640 EU (1.180-612.0)K4.650 AU (1.180-608.0)K4.650 JUBILEE T250 CH (1.180-613.0)K4.650 JUBILEE T250 EU (1.180-610.0)K4.68 MD PLUS EU (1.636-430.0)K4.700 EU (1.180-700.0)K4.75 EU (1.950-212.0)K4.80 MD EPC EU (1.950-230.0)K4.80 MD EU (1.950-200.0)K4.80 MD PLUS T 250 CH (1.950-209.0)K4.80 MD T250 EU (1.950-206.0)K4.800 ECO!OGIC CH (1.180-651.0)K4.800 ECOLOGIC EU (1.180-650.0)K4.82 MD T250 CH (1.950-211.0)K4.82 MD T250 EU (1.950-210.0)K4.84 MD PLUS EU (1.950-205.0)K4.86M EU (1.636-420.0)K4.86MD AU (1.636-423.0)K4.86M-PL-WBQ-V EU (1.636-421.0)K4.87 MD PLUS SE (1.950-208.0)K4.88M-PL-T200 CH (1.423-361.0)K4.88M-PL-T200 EU (1.423-359.0)K4.900 SILENT 50HZ JP (1.601-840.0)K4.900 SILENT 60HZ JP (1.601-841.0)K4.900M PLUS T300 EU (1.636-540.0)K4.900M T300 CH (1.636-541.0)K4.91 MD Plus T200 GB (1.636-734.0)K4.91M EU (1.636-700.0)K4.91M GB (1.636-701.0)K4.91MD PLUS CH (1.636-709.0)K4.91MD PLUS T250EU (1.636-732.0)K4.91MD-T200 EU (1.636-731.0)K4.91MD-T300 FR (1.636-730.0)K4.92M PLUS EU (1.636-707.0)K4.93MD AU (1.636-510.0)K4.94M-PLUS FR (1.423-358.0)K4.95M-PL-RWB EU (1.636-621.0)K4.960M EU (1.636-681.0)K4.960M -T300 EU (1.636-680.0)K4.96M-PL-RWB EU (1.423-402.0)K4.96M-PLUS EU (1.636-400.0)K4.97M AU (1.423-352.0)K4.97M EU (1.423-350.0)K4.97M PLUS CH (1.423-351.0)K4.97M PLUS EU (1.423-355.0)K4.97M-4F-RWB AU 240V 1PH 50HZ (1.423-357.0)K4.97MD-PLUS-WB GB (1.636-581.0)K4.97M-PLUS AU (1.423-360.0)K4.97M-PLUS-RWBEU (1.423-354.0)K4.98M PLUS AU/NZ (1.423-404.0)K4.98MD-PLUS EU (1.423-401.0)K4.990MD PLUS T250 CH (1.636-654.0)K4.990MD Plus T250 EU (1.636-653.0)K4.990MD-PL-RWBCH (1.423-509.0)K4.990MD-PL-RWBEU (1.423-506.0)K4.99M AGB EU (1.636-651.0)K4.99M CH (1.423-512.0)K4.99M EU (1.423-500.0)K4.99M-4F-TR - USE 14235170 AU (1.423-508.0)K4.99M-DELUXE GB (1.423-515.0)K4.99MD-PL-RWBFR (1.423-504.0)K4.99MD-PL-RWBFR (1.423-510.0)K4.99MD-RWB-RR FR (1.423-511.0)K4.99MH-WB GB (1.423-503.0)K4.99M-PLUS EU (1.423-505.0)K4.99M-PLUS-TREU (1.423-507.0)K4.99M-PL-WB AM GB (1.636-652.0)K4000MD-PLUS RU (1.423-403.0)K5 (1.603-372.0)K5 CAR NZ (1.180-645.0)K5 DECK + CAR AU (1.180-704.0)K5 PREMIUM (1.603-361.0)K5 PREMIUM FLEX (1.603-373.0)K5 PREMIUM FULL CONTROL CAR & HOME AU (1.324-608.0)K5 PREMIUM FULL CONTROL NZ (1.324-609.0)K5 PREMIUM HOME + CAR DELUXE AU (1.181-329.0)K5 PREMIUM SILENT CAR & HOME 50HZ JP (1.601-942.0)K5 PREMIUM SILENT CAR & HOME 60HZ JP (1.601-943.0)K5.450 (1.601-900.0)K5.480 (1.601-920.0)K5.480 DIR (1.601-921.0)K5.480 DIR CA (1.601-922.0)K5.490 MX (1.601-902.0)K5.540 CA (1.603-351.0)K5.540 CEM (1.603-320.0)K5.540 KTC (1.603-350.0)K5.65 (1.601-915.0)K5.65 CA (1.601-917.0)K5.65 QC (1.601-916.0)K5.650 AU (1.180-701.0)K5.670 AU (1.180-702.0)K5.68 CA (1.601-911.0)K5.68 MD PLUS (1.601-910.0)K5.690 (1.601-901.0)K5.690 CA (1.601-903.0)K5.690 PS40 AU (1.180-703.0)K5.720 (1.603-360.0)K5.740 CA (1.603-371.0)K5.740 CEM (1.603-300.0)K5.740 KTC (1.603-370.0)K5.900 SILENT 50HZ JP (1.601-940.0)K5.900 SILENT 60HZ JP (1.601-941.0)KB 9020M-PL-WBGB (1.421-600.0)KB2.09 PLUS AU (1.241-314.0)KB2.59M-PLUS AU (1.241-359.0)KB2020 C (1.601-631.0)KB203-PL-WB GB (1.421-208.0)KB3.99M-PLUS AU (1.423-253.0)KB4.99M-PLUS AU (1.423-517.0)KB403-WB GB (1.423-356.0)KB4040 GB (1.636-101.0)KB4040 T200 GB (1.636-108.0)KB5050 GB (1.636-402.0)KB9030 M-WB GB (1.423-114.0)KBINFORD 1650 CA (1.423-602.0)KHP3 EU (1.602-707.0)KHP4 AT (1.601-785.0)KHP4 EU (1.601-784.0)PUMP SET K2 127V BR HA STANDARD,127V 1P (2.204-070.0)PUMP SET K2 FAMILY (120V) BR (2.204-056.0)PUMP SET K2 FAMILY (220V) BR (2.204-057.0)PUMP SET K3 FAMILY (127V) BR (2.204-062.0)PUMP SET K3 FAMILY (220V) BR (2.204-063.0)WINNER 2000 PT (1.601-999.0)WORKZONE HDR 2012 (1.636-020.0) To find your model number - Pressure Washers should have a sticker with the information on. You should be able to find this on the base, or where the mains cord flows into the unit. It could also be near the wheel or on the side. Please Note: This is a brand new Genuine Manufacturers Part. Liability We shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages or expenses. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to property, lost income, profits, economic or commercial losses and third parties claims. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights. We strongly recommend that all parts are fitted by a suitably qualified person, using the correct tools and test equipment, with the appliance disconnected from the mains supply. Free Delivery Parts are usually dispatched within 1 business day. Free Delivery usually takes 1 - 3 business days to arrive. Next Day delivery is also available for orders placed before 3pm Mon - Thu. Orders place for Next Day delivery on Friday before 3pm will be delivered on Monday (excluding bank holidays). 60 Days No Quibble Returns We sincerely hope that you are happy with your order, however in the event that you no longer require the part you ordered, and it is unused in the original packaging, please return it to us within 60 days and well give you a full refund. Content © Copyright shop4spares. All rights reserved.