Giraffe G20B Wall Mount Pressure Washer - 65ft Reel

The Giraffe G20B Wall Mount Pressure Washer comes with a 65ft reel for convenient and efficient cleaning

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4.76 out of 5 stars

56 reviews

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The Giraffe G20B Wall Mount Pressure Washer with a 65ft reel is an efficient and convenient solution for all your cleaning needs. Its powerful motor and long hose allow for easy and effective cleaning, while the wall-mounted design saves space and ensures easy access whenever you need it.

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Additional Product Details

  • Easy to Lock & Retract
  • Unique locking mechanism for stability and steady cleaning
  • Retractable system for easy storage and hose protection
  • Save time and effort
  • Wall Mounted Pressure Washer
  • Keeps pressure washer off the floor and out of the way while cleaning
  • Maintains cleanliness after washing
  • 180° Customizable Angle
  • Rotating bracket and long hose for flexible cleaning in every corner
  • Versatile Space-Saving
  • Ready availability with no assembly needed
  • Keeps everything organized on the wall, eliminating garden mess
  • Enjoy clutter-free spaces of any size
  • All-weather Flexible Bach Silver Case
  • Stylish design conceals the hose
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene casing for pressure and impact resistance
  • Suitable for any climate

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