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Car Washing Machine Home/Business Use High Pressure Outdoor Car Washin...

only £2,820.37

Lavor LKX 1515 LP Hot Water High Pressure Washer Jet Cleaner (3 Phase)

only £2,795.00

Karcher HD 9/23 G Professional Petrol Pressure Washer 230 Bar


Kärcher KARCHER Compact hot water high pressure cleaner with eco effic...

only £3,399.00

Robojet WX water jetter van pack - 3,000psi @ 8gpm. 23.5HP Air Cooled...


Lavor TEKNA 1211LP Hot Water Pressure Washer Steam Cleaner

only £3,395.00

Robojet WXi water jetter van pack - 3,000psi/ 9.1gpm. Diesel, water c...


Every year, dirt, mud, leaves, and other debris splatter across the surfaces of our homes, sidewalks, and driveways. Our vehicles are also caked with the residue of road salt, mud, and oil. The most basic pressure washers just turn a regular garden hose into a monster that blasts dirt, grease, and debris away.

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