Best Pressure Washers

Indoor and Outdoor Cleaning Tools Mop Pressure Washer, 130Bars 1600W F...

only £1,477.94

QXMEI Wireless Pressure Washer 12V 1500mAh 3.5L/min Portable Pressure ...

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Briggs & Stratton 020595 Elite 3400 Petrol Pressure Washer PSI/234...

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Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer - 8.0HP 3950Psi / 272B...

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Draper 83406 1700 W 230 V Pressure Washer with Total Stop Feature by D...

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Lavor Vulcano Hot Box Heat Exchanger/Boiler Volcano Hot Water For High...

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SIP PW540/155 Wall Mounted Electric Pressure Washer from Sip

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Robojet WXi water jetter van pack - 3,000psi/ 9.1gpm. Diesel, water c...




Karcher K4 Compact Water Cooled Pressure Washer #5


Karcher K4 Compact Water Cooled Pressure Washer #4


Heavy Duty Triplex Brass Pump 13HP 4 Stroke Engine 389cc Petrol Pressu...


Draper Industrial Petrol Pressure Washer 4 Stroke 13HP Engine 262 Bar ...


Draper Expert 13Hp Pressure Washer 4 Stroke Petrol Engine Jet Wash Pow...


Every year, dirt, mud, leaves, and other debris splatter across the surfaces of their homes, sidewalks, and driveways. Our vehicles are also caked with the residue of road salt, mud, and oil. The most basic pressure washers just turn a regular garden hose into a monster that blasts dirt, grease, and debris away.

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Pressure washers come in different varieties, namely, cold water pressure washers, hot water pressure washers, and steam pressure washersCold water pressure washers emit water at temperatures similar to the inlet water temperature and are good for general cleaning of dirt and many other substances that do not have to be removed with heat.

Hot water pressure washers, which typically achieve temperatures up to 200° F, are good pressure washing machines for applications targeted to remove grease, oil, and other substances. Hot water pressure washers work better than cold water pressure washers to clean cars when auto detailing, trucks and construction equipment, food contact surfaces, and much more.

Steam pressure washers use heating coils to achieve temperatures up to 330° F and are far superior to either cold water pressure washers or hot water pressure washers when it comes to removing dirt, grease, food, chewing gum on concrete, graffiti, and countless other substances. With the right pressure washer, you'll be able to handle any job at home or work site.