Portable 21V Cordless Power Washer for Cars and Patios

Effortlessly clean your cars and patios with our convenient and powerful Portable 21V Cordless Power Washer

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£42.00 £36.46

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4.17 out of 5 stars

77 reviews

Product Summary

The Portable 21V Cordless Power Washer offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency in cleaning your cars and patios. With its cordless design and powerful 21V motor, it provides the freedom to clean anytime, anywhere, effortlessly removing dirt, grime, and stains with ease.

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Additional Product Details

  • ✅45 Bar High Pressure: Strong power for washing cars, watering flowers, and cleaning floors
  • ✅3 Gear Adjustable: Gentle rinse, quick cleaning, and strong power for stubborn stains
  • ✅Convenient to Use: Cordless, lightweight, and compact design for easy usage anywhere
  • ✅1.5Ah Li-Ion Battery: 1.5-3 hour charging time, 30-45 minute working time
  • ✅Multi Ways to Draw Water: Connect to coke bottle, bucket, or river (not mains water)
  • ✅Wide Application: Clean cars, motorcycles, walls, floors, baths, windows, and more
  • ✅Portable Power Washer: Use for watering flowers and providing a cool shower for pets

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